Alfred Lane Solid Cologne, American Made

Alfred Lane Solid Cologne, Made in America

The story of Alfred Lane began when Archie Jeter and Rafael Hernandez met at a networking event in 2009, shared a likeminded vision about business and creativity, and sought to recreate a product that elevated the essence of the true modern man: thus the beginnings of Alfred Lane.

Alfred Lane combines creative talent, technical expertise and an undying passion for quality in order to create this unique line of men’s solid colognes. Handcrafted in Chicago, Illinois and sourcing suppliers from the USA, we believe in the power and ingenuity of small business.  

Independent retailers and their customers love Alfred Lane’s attention to detail, vintage packaging and careful craftsmanship of their solid colognes. Solid colognes are not a new concept and have been used since Egyptian times though it is our unique take on an ancient product—but for the modern man. We named our colognes by envisioning the way a man would feel by wearing these fragrances as they take on their empowering meaning and essence. 

Whether using Bravado to freshen up for an after-work cocktail party or Vanguard for setting the tone of a day filled with bright ideas, we think of Alfred Lane as more than just a line of solid cologne, but rather the embodiment of the modern, versatile and pragmatic man.