Bottom line… We love to travel, whether for the weekend, or on a full fledged expedition. And so do the people who shop our products. Therefore, we've launched an ambassador program that lets us not only learn about the adventures YOU embark on, but also share them with the world. You mustn’t be the next Will Steger, just someone who enjoys a little adventure. Someone who finds themselves constantly in search of their next getaway. Whether canoeing the Boundary Waters, or just simply finding some hidden local gems, likely to make that next staycation one to be remembered.



  • Be adventurous: just be you! Keep doing what your doing...following your passion, interests and hobbies.
  • Be like-minded: like the things that we like; hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, cycling, sailing, etc. Love the outdoors, and be an advocate for American Made.
  • Be talkative— on a relatively consistent basis, tell us what you're up to. Where you've gone. Share your pictures/videos, what you liked, didn't like. Tips, recommendations, etc.
  • Be creative– look for new and creative ways to help us build our brand. Particularly as it relates to the outdoors.
  • Be helpful: help us develop insights that might one day assist in new product development.
  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!



    • Receive recognition, and full accolades, when it comes to the adventures you take. On our blog, through social media, etc.
    • Be a part of a fast growing company built around two ideals: 1) American Made Matters, and 2) Everyone needs to spend a little more time outside.
    • Gain unique experience that will be beneficial towards your professional career.
    • Earn free gear, receive discounts, be the first to know, and brag to your friends. From time to time, we may ask you test our products.



      Email us at with the following information:

      • A paragraph or two telling us about yourself (where you live, where you went to school, your hobbies, your favorite food, etc.). Be creative.
      • Share with us your most memorable adventure. It could be anything from a 100 mile bike ride, to a week long fly fishing trip out west.
      • Tell us why you'd be a good advocate for our brand.
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