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Sunglasses by Capital Eyewear | Made in America





Capital Eyewear is an independent eyeglass design and manufacturing studio. All of their glasses are handmade in San Francisco, California by quality craftsmen with outstanding attention to detail. They are built on the belief that eyewear, which protects and enhances your precious sight, should be made to the highest standards as well as in the most responsible way possible.

Most eyeglasses frames are mass produced by large corporations. Capital prides themselves on the ability to create eyewear that is less of a commodity and more of an artwork -- all while maintaining the highest level of quality.

To do this, they've developed unique low run methods for handmade eyewear production in their private California studio. This allows them to provide outstanding customer support while maintaining total control over style, design and the materials we use.

Building your own workshop is not the easiest way to make glasses, but for Capital, it's the best way.

Capital Eyewear doesn't make just another pair of glasses. They make a functional work of art that represents an honest connection between you and the people who made them.


Handmade in the USA from Capital Eyewear on Vimeo.



Carl Zeiss Vision:

Founded in 1856 by German optician Carl Zeiss, Zeiss is still making the best lenses in the world. Hollywood films, doctor's microscopes, the Hubble Space Telescope and Capital sunglasses all use Carl Zeiss lenses because of their unsurpassed quality. READ MORE

The included Carl Zeiss vision lenses offer 100% UV protection.


  • Hinges are flexible and stretch to fit
  • Includes 90 Day Warranty


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