Silver Fox Goods, Made in USA


John Sang, “The Silver Fox”, by all accounts for anyone who knew him, was a man to be reckoned with from the way he lived to the way he died.

He was Paul Bunyan and John Wayne rolled into one man.
He always tried to live his life simply and as follows:

1) To love your family and
2) To work hard

Heavily woven into his red flannel coat and thick, calloused hands was a selfless individual continuously looking to give back, in his own way, helping others through his incredible woodworking talents and to do it all through his healthy dose of “jocularity”.

These products were all originally made by the professional craftsman and finish carpenter, Vietnam Veteran, hunter, fisherman and lumber jack we all proudly knew as the “Silver Fox” for the world to experience. All of these products are hand made by the family of the Silver Fox on the original Sang farm nestled in the popple patches of Northwestern MN, located just outside of Karlstad, MN.

Silver Fox exists to pay honor to "the man," continue his proud traditions, provide gifts he creatively made with love for the world to experience, and to give back to the Military Veterans across the United States.