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Stowe Provisions Made in America Belts



Stowe Provisions was started by two childhood friends from Minnesota, Mark Stowe and Mark Howard, in Austin, TX in 2003. They began as self-taught leather making leather products with the highest quality and standards.

Dealing with the financial constraints of most small businesses, their ability to cut cost became a way of life for Stowe Provisions. This means they still do everything themselves: from cutting, tooling, and dyeing leather, to setting rivets, painting and photography. 

Only the highest quality of materials are used: full grain genuine cowhide leather, eco-friendly dyes and oils. And when it comes to manufacturing-- only several pairs of hands do the work.

These designs are classic Americana. The craftsmanship is such, that if you take even remotely good care of these products, they're something you'll be handing down for generations to come.

On second thought .... don't take care of them. The harder you live in them, the better they'll look. Wear them in the trout stream, use them on your next outdoor adventure, whether hunting, fishing, hiking, etc.  See what kind of character you can give them.


Stowe Provisions Made in America Belts

Photo Cred: Chris Phelps



Stowe Provisions Made in America Belts


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