Volta Sound Company, Made in America




Nestled in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, the Volta Sound Company pays homage to simpler times. Before we used email and the internet, before you had to sync your knick knacks to your gadgets, we listened to music. Combining a love of the great outdoors, with a love of music, Volta has created a passive iPhone amplifier, which basically means no electronics, no charger, no blue-tooth gadgetry.

At Volta Sound Company, they strive to separate themselves from the mass-produced, disposable-minded world we live in, by creating a lasting, quality product. The founders were born and raised in Central Oregon and both grew up working for their family woodworking businesses. This heritage of carpentry and craftsmanship has continued to be their main passion down to this very day. From cutting, staining, and branding the Northwest Alder, to cutting and polishing the actual bison horn, they pour their blood, sweat, and tears into each product they create.

Combining timeless simplicity with modern styling, each Sound Block is handcrafted in Oregon using natural resources and a painstaking attention to detail. 


Volta Sound Co. In The Wild from VoltaSound on Vimeo.



Volta Sound Company, Made in America
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