Woodchuck USA, Made in USA

Woodchuck USA | Made in America


Woodchuck USA, Iphone Cases, Made in America


A couple of years ago an idea took leaf. Ben and Kevin envisioned a little more Mother Nature and a lot less Big Brother in their lives and in their electronics. They created 100% real wood covers for their iPhones, iPads, Beats by Dre headphones and more. Secret Project Name: Woodchuck. Woodchuck is not another product designed by a committee of suits, nor is it manufactured in China. Woodchuck is designed, manufactured, printed, and assembled in beautiful Minneapolis USA. This is entrepreneurship. This is the Great American Experiment. This is passion, baby!





  1. Remove film on front skin.
  2. Carefully align front skin and firmly press down.
  3. Remove film on back skin.
  4. Carefully align back skin and firmly press down.
  5. Now get outside and enjoy life!