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William Rogue & Co was founded in 2012 on the premise that timeless and thoughtfully crafted accessories that are immersed in heritage, still have a place with modern outdoorsmen. We also believe a meaningful partnership with an assortment of local brands who have similar beliefs, gives us a purpose while at the same time elevates our overall consumer experience.

Almost everything we sell is manufactured in the United States (whenever and wherever possible). We take an old-world approach, letting traditions and heritage elicit the emotional connection people hold for their love of the outdoors. Each and every piece can be treated as an heirloom that is proudly made to stand the test of time. If we do have to source elsewhere, we ensure it is done ethically, and that the partnering brand is local, gives back to the community, and is ridden in the heritage we mention above. 

When it comes to our own products, as well as our partnering brands, we focus on authenticity, traditional craftsmanship and durability. We stand behind our products and so do our partnering brands. We are firm believers in the mantra: buy once, have it for life.  Additionally, we believe that if something is made right, it will only get better with age.  

We live for these products as they allow us to stay after it just a little bit longer. That means more time in the blind, longer hikes, etc. -- thanks to a greater tolerance for the elements. We don't carry these goods to look cool, or to look like someone we aren't. We carry these products because we need too. Because we trust in the materials that have been trusted for 100's years. Wool, wool blends, waxed cotton, leather, etc.

You can trust that if it's on William Rogue, it must be good. It's no bullshit. It stands for something, and it's special. It all has a story to tell. How it was made, why it was made, and why it belongs in your collection of gear.

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William Rogue & Co. is on a mission to manufacture and curate a variety of goods that represent a lost American heritage. We thrive on working with companies whose roots extend back to simpler times. In addition, we work to pick up where they left off by manufacturing our own assortment of products that we feel have a place in today's age of outdoorsmen. At the end of the day, our work is devoted to an outlook and way of life intuited from our upbringing and finding value in our own heritage.



Email us at hello@williamrogueandco.com. For product and manufacturer updates, please visit our BLOG or subscribe to our NEWSLETTER below. If you're in the area, you can always stop by and check out our shop.



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