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William Rogue & Co. is on a mission to procure a wide variety of goods that represent a lost American heritage through a cooperative of artisans, manufacturers, and brands. As such, we work directly with companies whose roots extend back to simpler times. In addition to products, these businesses have stories to tell, like Duluth Pack who have continually operated in Duluth, MN for over 100 years. We procure handmade canoe paddles from the master woodworkers over at Sanborn Canoe Co. But at the end of the day, our work is devoted to an outlook and way of life intuited from our upbringing; of finding values in our own heritage.

Through this, we've partnered with the best American made outdoor lifestyle manufacturers, such as: Blue Ridge Chair Works, Duluth Pack, Filson Products, Stormy KromerSanborn Canoe Co, L.I. Sounders, Bison Made Products, Cleverhood, Mill City Fineries, Alfred Lane, Wax Candle Co, Richer Poorer, Iron & Resin, and more. To bring you a wide selection of outdoor products made in America.





Proud sponsors of American Made Matters. The American Made Matters® mission is to educate consumers that buying US-made products strengthens the American dream.


American Made Matters, Supporters of American Made





At William Rogue & Co, we live by the CAMPSITE RULE: always leave your campsite better than you found it. Through our Campsite Project, we give 3% of all profits to organizations that dedicate their efforts to leaving this planet better than they found it. See who we're working with see who we're working with.

Join us in this initiative. Have an organization, cause, or place that's near and dear to your heart? Email us, we'd love to hear about it. hello@williamrogueandco.com




Email us at hello@williamrogueandco.com. For product and manufacturer updates, please visit our BLOG or subscribe to our NEWSLETTER. If you're in the area, you can always meet up with us our next EVENT.




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