Antler & Co, Made in USA

It all started with a birthday party a few years back. Since then, antler&co has been climbing through thick and thin to bring you some pretty fine products for home and outdoors (all made of natural material).

Campfire Cologne is one such product. Consider it the tried and true scent of your best summer ever. The best smelling cologne for men. Or campfire scented cologne that is. Thats right, cologne for your campfire. A nostalgic ode to cooking over an open fire, secret swimming holes and the unending days of youthful bliss. Antler & Co Campfire Cologne is a must for any campfire, and will leave you reminiscing of that best summer ever. Simply drop a piece or two in your next campfire, sit back, and enjoy the smells.

Sacred Sage is your bridge to a world of magical energy. The alchemical equivalent of flying without wings, wisdom without age and easy access to all consuming calm. Use it frequently to overwhelm negative vibrations, encapsulate and neutralize stagnant energy and manifest the life you want to live!