Beardition Beard Shampoo, Conditioner and After Shave

Beardition Beard Shampoo, Conditioner and After Shave | Made in America

Beardition Beard Shampoo Conditioners and After Shave, Made in America

In early 2012, company founder Mark Williams found himself leaving corporate America for a month long hike on the Appalachian Trail. Yes, the Trail. Once there, he had the idea (and need) for beard specific men's grooming products. If you're doing the trail right, you're surely sporting a serious beard.

Upon returning home to Nashville, Mark was desperate to keep his new manly masterpiece, but it was in dire need of some TLC. In a world of "anything's possible" Mark decided to ring up his designer friend (Kristen), and pitch her his idea for a line of all natural men's facial products, and start a company. Of course she was a little thrown when they first met to discuss (having not known Mark to don a beard) but was intrigued and immediately agreed to join forces and co-found the company. Behind mark's entrepreneurship and Kristin's creative side, Beardition has come to represent men who want to present themselves in their best manner-- men who take facial hair seriously. And if there's a way Beardition can enhance their beardliness, or coolness any further, so be it.