Cleverhood Raincoats, Made in USA


Simply put, Cleverhood is a small company with the will to sell a great product Made in US. Their focus is on livable cities — at the intersection of culture and sustainability.

Based in Providence, R.I., they've created the eponymous Cleverhood, a smart-looking, high-performance street cape. The ‘hood is designed, crafted and manufactured in the US, putting good people to work. It’s inspired by the slow bike movement and the simple, elegant way that the bike is affecting broad change in our cities. Fewer cars mean less traffic and pollution. Bikes bring people closer to their local surroundings. It means more open space, more interest in local shops, new expecations — and certainly a new sense of style and function. But it's use goes far beyond biking.

Their products are carefully crafted to ensure quality and reliability. They’re designed for active people who are looking for a special combination of style and performance. That means they need to be well built.

Cleverhood offers a special way for people to get out and experience the rain — rather than just getting wet.

Cleverhood = Style & Performance