Spruce Essentials for Men, Made in America

Spruce Essentials for Men, Made in America




Spruce is a continuation of a concept born in a different time. And by different time we don’t mean yesteryear. We mean five hundred years ago when men still fought with swords to claim lands that would one day become the countries we know today.  

High quality products imported from Prussia were considered ‘spruce’.  After a while the term came to mean anything that was smart-looking and well made.  And that’s when Spruce transitioned from a word to something greater—an idea.  A concept of what men could be and aspired to be—‘spruce’.

That concept inspired the founding of SPRUCE.  After the realization that most male grooming products marketed as 'premium' didn't seem to hold up to the hype. Either the ingredients and formulations didn't differ much (if at all) from the value brands on the market, or the products rarely worked as they were supposed to. With this, grooming became overly difficult.

At Spruce, they believe that despite what common wisdom says, men do like to take care of themselves.  What they don't like are the complicated beauty regimens. They want versatile and quality products that work. They want to look and feel their best using the essentials and nothing more. That's where SPRUCE comes in. 

SPRUCE creates simple and effective grooming products for men using premium and naturally-derived ingredients. None of their products contain parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates or color additives.