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At William Rogue & Co, we live by the CAMPSITE RULE: always leave your campsite better than you found it. Through our Campsite Project, we give 3% of all profits to organizations that dedicate their efforts to leaving this planet better than they found it. We partner with the following organizations and think you should get to know them.

We're also working to organize efforts to donate our time, and take part in a number of volunteer initiatives. Keep your eyes peeled on this page to see what we're doing and where we'll be doing it. And of course, to join us in these efforts.

We are looking for more organizations to partner with. Have an organization, cause, or place that's near and dear to your heart? Email us, we'd love to hear about it: 


The Campsite Project



Established in 1911, the St. Croix River Association “has been from the beginning a grassroots affair, linked inseparably to the St. Croix River itself. Starting as an informal organization, it evolved slowly out of the basic, direct interests of people living along the banks of the border river between Minnesota and Wisconsin. Many of the association’s specific goals have changed…and some of its early objectives now seem ludicrous. But the idea of saving the St. Croix for the people of both states has remained a constant.” From: Saving the River – St. Croix River Association, 1911-2001

Today, nearly a century later, the St. Croix River Association (SCRA) has evolved from an informal organization of mostly river valley residents, into a formal nonprofit organization of people and organizations advocating for conservation throughout the watershed.



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